Casino Games Provider: Dream Gaming

Dream Gaming is perhaps the most dominant casino game provider in Thailand. It would not even be surprising to see them dominate the entire continent of Asia due to their expertise in industry-leading innovations.

All About Dream Gaming

About Them

This casino game provider is based in Thailand. They are an online casino software studio with a laser focus in delivering live casino games and other contributions in pushing the gambling industry forward. Dream Gaming boasts a robust platform for all thing’s casinos.

Dream Gaming offers dozens of live casino tables streamed directly from the Genting Crown Casino in Thailand. This private company takes pride in their live casino games and they bring professionalism to casino operators, both online casino sites and traditional brick and mortar ones.

Additionally, Dream Gaming or DG provides full mobile functionality on smart devices, both Android and iOS. This allows for high definition gaming all while having the convenience of experiencing gambling on the go.


As mentioned, Dream Gaming creates an immersive entertainment platform on mobile and smart devices. This extends to developing live casino games on a much more convenient and accessible devices such as phones and tablets.

Gone are the days where playing in an online casino is only possible to be played on a desktop computer or a laptop. DG ensures that its service is fully optimized and compatible across many different devices.

DG regularly updates their games as often as they also regularly release new titles. This is to maintain a balanced selection of top-notch live casino games while still keeping its certified fresh quality.

They ensure to keep ahead of the competition with realistic graphics, exquisite executions, world-class equipment, and more.

Responsible Gaming Conduct

As part of Genting Crown Casino Poipet, DG takes pride in its solid reputation among its casino operators, players, end-users, and in the whole gambling industry. The company is licensed in Cambodia where all their online casino game products are available to all players of legal age.

DG takes the responsibility of keeping a strict exercise of promoting caution about gambling, especially when gambling for real money. Their campaigns are straightforward, advising players to set a budget and to never chase after losses.

Gaming Products

Offering a powerful set of gaming solutions to both casino operators and players, DG excels at providing world-class Thai-based casino software across a plenitude of online casino websites around the world including video-streamed live casino games.

HD streaming technology is part of their innovations and here are some of their most notable games that are guaranteed to deliver a full online gaming experience like no other.

Dragon Tiger

One of DG’s premium games, Dragon Tiger is a live casino game that is derived from the popular online casino game Baccarat. You choose between dragon and tiger, all while having a multitude of side bets to play on!


Live Roulette is yet another popular game that Dream Gaming has managed to nail down. DG offers a wide selection of roulette game variants and you can expect to enjoy the many different ways to enjoy wagering in this thrilling game.

Sic Bo

The game that’s mainly popular in Asia has also found success over to the west and even continues to grow in popularity worldwide. Dream Gaming takes this popular dice game where players can enjoy an easy-to-understand Sic bo gameplay and mechanics.


Bullfight is a rare table card game that only DG knows how to market. More importantly, the game offers intuitive and exciting gameplay that every casino player should try if they haven’t yet. There are lots of unique games to explore and this one is indeed a must!

Fried Golden Flower

Another popular table card game, DG loves to innovate by bringing some of the most underrated card games that deserve to take the spotlight. It’s simple, easy, and very fun.

Color Disc

A game where the dealer uses colored discs to run the game. Color Disc is yet another unique live casino game that keeps the online casino tables fresh and filled with so many entertaining options.

Fish, Shrimp, and Crab

This game is very similar to Sic bo and Dream Gaming wanted to expand upon what would become yet another success. With all these games on the list, there are games that would certainly suit your taste, and there’s, even more, to discover as DG regularly adds new and exciting games to look forward to.

Gaming Services

Dream Gaming Mobile Enjoyment

Dream Gaming uses HTML5 to create their well-crafted games. This means it is supported by all major devices including smartphones, both iOS, and Android. Their continuous development support ensures system errors are fixed.

When you choose to play on portable or on the go, no download is required for mobile play as you can enjoy playing your favorite online casino games on fully-optimized games using your browser. The option to play these games on a faster and smoother way is an available one-time download of the app.

Business Services

There are several business services that DG is also working on other than your favorite live casino games. These services aim to fully flesh out the live casino experience we all deserve. Whether big or small, all services work hand in hand to create a remarkable environment for players and operators alike.

  • Casino video games
    Games that are supported across different platforms is one of DG’s main goal apart from delivering game-changing casino experiences.
  • Website building
    Dream Gaming offers operators a complete website package solution that includes templates and helpful visuals and interface.
  • Operator access
    DG offers 24/7 access to non-stop operator service to ensure stable and uninterruptible operations all throughout the year.
  • Custom game hall service
    They also aim to highlight the style that their customers require for their brand. DG delivers a tailor-made customized game hall service.
  • AI microphone
    Dream Gaming takes mobile gaming to the next level. They have developed a smart-control mic mode that creates a sense of interaction like never before.